Donique Rolle

Executive Director and Co-Founder of P.T.P.T

I am a wife, educator, and the mother of a child with autism. Like all autism parents we understand that autism is life-changing. Hearing the words “ your son has autism”, was the single worst moment of my life. When my husband and I received my son’s diagnosis, I didn’t know where to turn, what to do or what to think. My only reference point was “Rain Man”.  It was a very hopeless period in my life. I’ve felt a range of emotions-- grief, sadness, exhaustion, anger, hopelessness, anxiety and fear; but I’ve also felt an abundance of gratitude, support, grace, hope, happiness, acceptance and love in my life thanks in part to autism.

I started “Putting The Pieces Together”, also known as P.T.P.T on April 2, 2012 along with another autism mom. P.T.P.T is a free non-profit support group for families with children and adults with special needs. It is a soft place to fall for families from every background who need support, resources and understanding without judgement.



Jenorise Mejia


My name is Jenorise Mejia. I am a wife and mother of a son with autism. When my son Daniel showed signs of regression, my husband and I were quick to get help only to find professionals arguing over a diagnosis as if he were a science experiment. It was difficult to face the unknown, but even harder to face the heartbreak and tears. I often didn’t want people to talk to me because I thought I’d simply burst into tears. I wanted someone to understand what I was thinking, but more- I wanted to understand what I was thinking and feeling. My desire was also to understand why my son did the things he did. It seemed like everyone was guessing or simply too afraid to just tell me the truth. Daniel has gone from nearly non-verbal to a chatter box. Although we do not always understand him, he loves to communicate and socialize. He even has a BFF. My greatest lesson: hold my judgment of others and replace it with empathy, compassion, love and grace. Everyone needs the benefit of the doubt.

Who We Are

Putting the Pieces Together is a program of Lift Disability Network; an Orlando based non-profit organization committed to elevating life in the disability family. We are a support group for parents of children and adults with special needs. (autism and other developmental delays)

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist families through education, good health, proper therapies, and specific skills training.


Our goals are to raise money to help families obtain services during holiday and summer gaps, when they would otherwise lose them in the school system.

Continue being a soft place to fall for families dealing with a special person in their life.

Inspire parents to advocate.